Community Guidelines

Welcome to your new home! These Community Guidelines have been written for your convenience and benefit. They have been designed to allow you to enjoy a quality lifestyle in your community. Their purpose is to provide the necessary guidelines and directions, which are important in any community. Homeowners agree that having a home in a well-maintained community with consistently enforced guidelines always results in a higher home value.

Understanding the rules and their effect on all of us is a major prerequisite for living in our community. Please read them carefully and ask your resident manager any specific questions about their meaning. There is a reason for each of the guidelines, and we would be happy to clarify any one of them. These guidelines are only a small part of the lifestyle in Lamplighter Acres. They set the tone for mutual respect and understanding of others, which makes our community a good place to live. Our facilities, location, professional management and activities provide a sound basis for happy living-and people like you and your neighbors make it a home. We want you to enjoy living in Lamplighter Acres.

The words “we” “us” and “our” refer to the Owner, Landlord, Manager and other employees;” you” and “your” refer to tenant (s) and their families and other occupants of the manufactured home. “Community” refers to Lamplighter Acres. “Site” or “Home site” refers to the rented premises. “Home” or “Manufactured home” refers to the Manufactured home.


Our Rules and Regulations are written for your general welfare, safety and enjoyment for pleasant and comfortable living. We plan to administer our Rules fairly to all residents to assure that a few thoughtless people do not cause unnecessary inconvenience to you, or to us. Rules are set to insure comfort. To attain this end, we insist on compliance with our Rules and Regulations.

A. It is our intent to comply with the Manufactured home owners’ Bill of Rights. We intend to cover the law properly within the following Rules and Regulations and to enforce the rules as outlined in Section 233 of the NYS Real Property Law.

B. Lot Rent Includes:

  1. Approved septic Systems.
  2. Hard top roads.
  3. Snow removal from roads.
  4. Common sense management.
  5. Garbage pick-up.
  6. Patios and walks.
  7. Operation of our community in accordance with Health Department Rules, with applicable NY Division of Housing Rules and Regulations and with the Manufactured Home Owners Bill of Rights as outlined in the NYS Real Property Law.
  8. Maintenance of areas designated for outdoor recreation to be used by tenants of Lamplighter Acres.


A. Our Office is located at 53 Lamplighter Acres, immediately off the entrance road on the right. Our phone number is (518)745-8800. Office hours vary, but will always be posted to the left of the Office entryway.

B. Security: A security deposit of one month’s rent will be required from any new tenant prior to his/her moving into the community. This security deposit shall be returned when leaving the community providing the lot is left in proper condition and there are no unpaid rents, bills, or charges due Lamplighter Acres.

C. Rent and other charges: Base rent is $________ per month payable on the 6th day of the month. A maximum of four (4) persons will be allowed per home. A charge of $5.00 per month will be added to the base rent for each additional occupant, subject to Lamplighter Acres prior written approval. A charge of $8.00 per month per pet will be added to the base rent. Real property TAXES on the lot are your responsibility. A copy of the most recent town and county tax bill (payable in January) and the most recent school tax bill (payable in September) are in the Office. If you have any questions on the taxes applicable to your lot, call the Office at (518)745-8800. Your failure to pay taxes within thirty (30) days of the due date is default under the Rules and Regulations for which you may be subject to an eviction proceeding. In addition, Lamplighter Acres may pay such taxes, and add the amount paid to rent otherwise due.

D. Discounts: Senior Citizen Discount for persons age 62 or over is $5.00 per month when paid by the 5th of the month. A $25.00 discount will be given for rent paid on or before the 5th of the month provided all taxes are paid and there are no unpaid rents, bills, or charges due to Lamplighter Acres. Please make your checks or money orders payable to Lamplighter Acres or RDDC Management Corporation and include your lot number.

E. A $30 charge will be applied for any returned checks. After we have received two (2) returned checks, only money orders or certified checks will be accepted.  NO CASH will be taken.

F. All repair work, regular repair services and requests must be made through the Office. Our personnel in the field are not authorized to accept service or repair requests.

G. If a tenant chooses to call another Service Company, and the problem is determined to be in our equipment, we accept no responsibility for charges to the tenant by the other Service Company. Do not allow an outside Service Company to tamper with any community owned equipment.

H. A resident may face eviction proceedings within thirty (30) days after receiving a written Notice of delinquent rent payments. Said resident will be responsible for all legal charges incurred throughout eviction proceedings.

I. The home owner agrees, by virtue of this agreement, to have the management, on the tenant’s behalf; sign a UCCI-1 giving a security interest in his/her home for an amount not to exceed the balance owed to the management for rent, services or other charges provided by the community, and affirms that the management may file the same as a lien against the home whenever determined to be in the community’s best interest to do so. Such filing shall not be released until the home owner has satisfactorily paid ALL amounts due to the management.

J. The responsibility for payment of all amounts due the landlord shall be the joint obligations of the home owners and those adults named on the home owners tenant registrations.

K. Court appearance costs and/or landlord’s legal expenses to collect past due bills or to enforce rules will be borne by the tenant in cases where the tenant has not corrected a violation of; or problem with, the rules, a lease, any pertinent agreement, or past due bills within 10 days of the date of Notice. There is a 30 day notice of eviction for non-payment of rent. No charge is associated with this notice.  However, once the paperwork commences on behalf of the community, any lawyer’s fees associated with the eviction process will be the sole responsibility of the tenant.

L. If deemed necessary by the management, the homeowner and/or his/her tenant may be required to provide a qualified individual(s) to guarantee payment of any bills that the home owner and/or tenant might incur throughout their tenancy.


A. It is the intention of the management to limit occupancy in each unit to one family. Said family are required to be on the original or amended registration form and/or lease filled in by the tenant, approved by the management and on file in the Office. It will be a violation of the Rules to have any additional people living in a particular unit without having been given written permission from the management, following a request by the existing tenant or home owner. All persons living in any unit MUST meet – residency criteria and follow ALL usual community entrance procedures, including credit checks and Rules and Regulations orientation in the Office. There is a $50.00 application fee for new residents to the community.

B. Reference forms, leases, rental agreements, credit reference forms, registration forms and all preliminary documents MUST BE completed by all occupants and approved by the management prior to the occupancy of a unit or lot. Non registered home occupants will be dealt with as trespassers on our private property. The management may require updated tenant registration information from time to time. Existing tenants not completing and forwarding to us a signed, completed, and accurate registration information form will be in violation of community Rules. Community-provided services may not be provided, or continued, if ALL documentation necessary for occupancy has not been satisfactorily completed and approved by the management. No new tenant will be approved for occupancy of a lot if there are any unsatisfied rule violations relating to that home or that lot.

C. The management reserves the right to refuse new or continuing tenancy to anyone whose home is not considered acceptable in appearance or condition.

D. “FOR RENT” or “BUSINESS” signs may not be placed in the window or attached to the exterior of the home.

E. Homes may not be rented, loaned or used by anyone for any other purposes other than that granted in the original application for space rent, except with the written permission of the management. Residents ARE NOT permitted to sell or rent a home with promise of occupancy, unless the new party is approved by the management and fulfills ALL new tenant admission requirements.

F. The home owner MUST give the community management twenty (20) days written notice of his/her intention to sell, rent, or remove his/her home from the premises.

G. The owner of any home in our community will be responsible for paying all balances due to us on that home BEFORE occupancy can be approved and allowed for a new tenant, or BEFORE the home can be removed from the community. Bills and miscellaneous charges are the responsibility of the homeowner and not his tenant in case of a rented unity not owned by us.

H. Anything left in the community by the homeowner shall be deemed abandoned and become community property as soon as the home leaves the community. All shrubs and trees become the property of the management unless other arrangements are made that are satisfactory to the management.

I. Anyone wishing to rent their home must: 1) Secure management approval BEFORE offering the home for rent. 2) Secure approval of the management of each tenant. At least five (5) business days are needed to process the written reference form and tenant registration forms required from each prospective tenant. 3) Be responsible for paying rent, miscellaneous charges and all parts and service work performed, as they will be charges to the homeowner and not the tenant in residence.

J. When an existing tenant leaves, we may shut off the water. Not before we approve the new tenant, and all bills are current, will this service be resumed.

K. The management reserves the right to approve or disapprove all applications for tenancy based on character and/or credit references and/or other reasonable criteria that may from time to time be established by the management. Potential new tenants to the Community, when completing the application for tenancy, will be required to disclose any felony convictions. A felony conviction is a valid reason to deny an individual residency to our Community.  This rule will be strictly enforced for the safety and security of our residents.

L. To vacate a lot, all residents MUST notify the management in writing, twenty (20) days in advance of moving out. All outstanding accounts must be paid in full and a forwarding address given. Removal of a home will be done ONLY between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm., exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays and legal holidays. Our staff must supervise all removals. A final day and hour of move-out time must be made known to our Office at least 48 hours prior to departure, so that a final billing can be scheduled and all bills rendered and paid in full that day by the homeowner prior to (1) moving the home off the space or (2) a new owner occupying the same home. Final bills are not mailed since all final bills must be paid the day rendered at our Office. No approval will be granted for a new tenant to move in, or for a home to move out, until all bills due us are paid in full.

M. No home owner should infer to his buyer that the home may stay in the community without the approval of the management and the home owner must notify the prospective buyers that they will not be allowed to remove the home from the community or occupy the space if any bills due us are outstanding, or if entrance are not allowed.

N. State Health Codes apply to the number of occupants allowed in each dwelling unit.


A. The home owner will be responsible for skirting his/her home within sixty (60) days after arrival in the community, except for those people arriving November 1st through March 31st. The homeowner must provide access to all utility connections under the home within the skirting; the management cannot service utilities on units without access to the connections. Once skirting is installed, it must be properly maintained. All new skirting installations and replacements must be commercially manufactured mobile home skirting made with metal or vinyl material. Any insulation, vapor or wind barrier must be installed behind the skirting panels. All skirting must meet management approval.

B. Each home must be kept neat and clean. No regular and substantial storage of bottles, boxes, equipment or anything else on an unenclosed patio or around the home will be tolerated. All storage must be under the enclosed home or in an approved storage building, properly secured to the ground. To use your patio for storage, privacy paneling, meeting the approval of the management must be installed.

Approved storage buildings can solve your storage problems. All storage buildings must be kept in good condition, which means free from significant dents, properly painted and be satisfactorily maintained. All storage buildings will be manufactured, kit type, commercially or professionally designed and assembled. Failure to agree to correct a shed problem within ten (10) days of notification may result in loss of permission to have a building. All buildings, sizes, and locations must be approved by the management, in writing, prior to installation. After the effective date of these rules, no approvals will be given for more than one storage building per lot.

C. Roofs are to be taken care of each year. Aluminum roofs must be coated with aluminum roof coating. Shingled roofs must be repaired if necessary. Baked enamel roofs may be used with written permission of the Management. Siding must be clean and well kept. Written notices may be delivered to insure upkeep. If the above repairs are not accomplished within the pre-arranged time frame given on the notice, the Management will arrange for the repairs to be completed by our service department at your expense.

D. All carports, patios, screen rooms and awnings must be approved in writing by the management. Awnings, carports or additions must have written approval from the management prior to installation and must be commercially manufactured. Screen rooms or patio enclosures that are professionally designed and assembled are acceptable following written approval. The management requires plans or literature be submitted in writing before approval will be granted. Screen rooms may be winterized on the INSIDE ONLY. No plastic or other material may be applied to the OUTSIDE. Carports, where possible, will be attached to the mobile home. When not possible, carports must be a commercially manufactured or freestanding style acceptable to the management. The above installations must be properly maintained.

E. Fences and landscaping around each home tend to make the community appearance more attractive. All fence installations, locations, and materials MUST BE approved in writing, by the community management. A five (5) foot set back from the road, or parking area, and no more than four (4) foot height is required for all permanent fences, shrubs or flower gardens. No wire fences, except anchor type chain link properly installed and maintained will be allowed. Written approval from the community management is necessary prior to purchase and installation.

F. DO NOT DIG OR DRIVE STAKES into the ground without calling the Office first. You might hit a buried electric, telephone, television cable or other utility line. The homeowner will be responsible for damage caused to underground utilities by his or his tenant’s actions.

G. ONLY umbrella style clothes line will be allowed for those tenants who wish to have their own outside lines on their lot. A tenant may install an approved, clothesline ONLY alter first receiving permission from the community management as to its location and type. Unused clotheslines must be folded up. Those who refuse this request may lose permission to have lines on their lot. No sockets, sleeves, pipes or poles may be driven into the ground for these clotheslines. All must be installed by hand, digging the hole and then pouring a small bag of concrete around the holder. No other type of laundry line or pole may be installed on community lots.

H. Entrance steps must be commercially manufactured, pressure treated 4’ X 6’ deck at each entrance, unless otherwise approved by the community management in writing. Steps must also be properly maintained. All occupants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own steps, walkways and individual parking areas in a manner acceptable to the community management and so that no hazardous condition is allowed to exist.

I. The home owner is responsible for maintaining, mowing and trimming his lot in such a way that it is neat and clean. Sites will be seeded ONLY ONCE by the community management. Homeowners are responsible for upkeep and maintenance including reseeding and fertilizing. All homeowners hereby recognize that they are, by virtue of continuing tenancy, authorizing the community management to arrange for lawn clean-up and/or maintenance and/or lawn mowing whenever the community management determines the lot and/or lawn area needs attention. No notices will be given that this work will be done and the homeowner will be billed at normal standard labor rates. Determination as to the need for the above will be at the sole discretion of the community management. We suggest if you cannot properly maintain your lot that you make arrangements with someone else to do it.

J. Each lot may be improved by the homeowner, or occupant, (lawns, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc.). Annuals, perennials and wild flowers may be planted in a professional manner, in a controlled area, weeded and well maintained. Wild flowers are NOT to exceed 100square feet. We encourage tenants to enjoy summer gardening but please keep landscaping and gardening in an appropriate area for the size of the lot. (Cannot cover entire lawn). Hardy plants, shrubs and trees may be planted with written permission of the community management following a written request and layout plan from the tenant. NO plantings are to be removed when the homeowner vacates the lot without written permission from the community management. DO NOT DIG MORE THAN SIX INCHES DEEP OR DRIVE STAKES AND/OR POSTS WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE MANAGEMENT so that we may determine if there are underground utilities that may be jeopardized. Any damages caused by failure to do this will be charged to the homeowner.

K. The community management assumes the responsibility for plowing the community roads. Public shared parking areas will be plowed during heavy snowfalls only, and only if all cars are removed without notice from these areas as soon as the main road has been plowed, and before the plow is put away and only during regular business hours. If all cars are not removed from the parking area these public parking areas will not be plowed. It is not practical to plow with cars in these areas. It does not apply to individual lot driveways or carports. Homeowners will clean sidewalks, patios and individual parking areas. DO NOT use salt to melt Ice on concrete sidewalks or patios. Any damage resulting from its use will be repaired by the community management and charged to the homeowner. The best solution for your slippery walks is to scrape the snow and ice clean. If you find you still need to use something else to solve an ice problem you may use sand or grits (available at Agway Stores) or cracked corn (also available at Agway Stores.. the birds will also enjoy eating this). Tenants are responsible for maintaining their individual parking areas and their home lots in such a way so as not create a hazard to themselves or others.

L. DO NOT leave faucets to garden hoses turned on when the hose is not in use. Water being used incorrectly when restrictions have been imposed-2 written notices for the first two infractions, then the third will be a 30 day eviction.

M. TRASH: Tenants are to maintain their own garbage and rubbish containers in a sanitary manner to meet with town, health department and management’s approval. Containers are to be covered securely and kept in shed or out of view from the road. Dumping of trash or garbage on the ground or in incinerators is forbidden. We provide trash pickup service on Mondays and Fridays, except when those days are legal holidays, when it will be on a day to be posted on the bulletin board. You can cooperate by following these rules: 1. Trash and recyclable must be in PLASTIC bags. Leaves and pine needles are to be put in Brown recyclable bags. 2. Bags must be put on side of road before 8 A.M. on pickup day, and not the night before. 3. Bags should not weigh more than 40 pounds. 4. We cannot pick up discarded furniture and other items.

N. No TV antenna installations will be allowed in the community. An 18” dish will be allowed with permission from the Management.

O. Wood stoves will be allowed ONLY when the mobile homeowner uses listed and approved equipment suitable for installation in mobile homes. Any new installations after the effective date of these rules must be done under permit from and inspection by the Town Building Code Officer and meet all NYS equipment and installation requirements. All woodpiles must be located in approved areas that are shielded either by trees, the mobile home or fencing. These areas must be approved, in writing, by the community management following a written request from the tenant including a map of the proposed woodpile location.

P. NO MORE THAN 3 cords of wood may be stored on the tenant’s lot at one time.

Q. Residents who wish to plant a small vegetable garden should request, in writing annually from the management, permission to have such a garden. The tenant’s written request must include a map with proposed garden location and size of garden.

R. Homeowners are responsible for obtaining necessary installation permits and/or certificates of occupancy for new home installations, modifications, wood stove installations and other covered situations where more than community management approval is necessary. The community management must first give his approval for an exterior projects or installations prior to application by the mobile home owner to the appropriate agency for construction or installation approval.

S. The exterior of homes and home lots must always be kept in a condition acceptable to the community management Improvements to the exterior of home, additions and home lots are encouraged by the community management. All improvements must be approved in writing by the community management before the improvements are started.

T. The home tenant and occupant will assume full responsibility for any pollutants such as heating fuel, motor oil, paint and any other contaminants that would create a hazardous or threatening situation to the environment. All problems caused by any type of spill or dumping of such items will be cleaned up by tenant at his cost. The clean-up procedures are to be governed by the proper State and Local agencies that handle this type of situation. Oil tank belongs to tenant. All oil tanks are to be on top of the ground by 9/11/99.

U. All newspaper delivery tubes must be attached properly to steps, decks or awning posts and not on individual posts by the road or in the tenant’s yard. Must meet community approval.

V. All homes must be numbered with commercially manufactured house/lot numbers that are easily visible from the street. Each letter and/or number must be at least 3″ tall and less than 8″ tail and at least 2″ wide and less than 8”wide.

W. Lamppost- newly occupied homes and homes changing ownership are required for security reasons. Management will supply the lamp post at cost. Repairs to lamp at cost on materials only no labor.


A. All tenants will be held liable and responsible for behavior and conduct of themselves, of their children and guests, and will be held liable for damages done by any of the aforementioned people.

B. Baby-sitting: We will no longer allow baby-sitting on the premised for children residing outside of Lamplighter Acres.  Management needs to be notified of those individuals engaged if babysitting. Proof of a child’s residency may be required.

C. Children MUST BE under the control and supervision of a qualified person at all times.

D. The use of profane, loud or boisterous talk WILL NOT be tolerated. Loud radios, televisions, stereos or other excessive noise is unnecessary. Disturbing noise is not permitted at any time.

E. Children are not to play in sections where there are not children their own age, unless they have received permission to do so from the tenant on the lot they wish to play on. Children are not to cut across other tenant’s yards. It is the policy of the community management that children are not to have the run of the community.

F. Children are not to play or congregate in the community roads.

G. NO CHILDREN will be allowed in, or near, any community owned buildings, pump houses or near repair, storage or construction areas. Community water shed and system areas are also off limits.

H. Licensed motorcycles will be allowed, but are to be driven on the main roads with discretion and care and ONLY by properly licensed and equipped individuals.

I. The management is not responsible for damage, injury or loss by fire or theft to the resident’s property, or the property of others associated with the residents.

J. The use of BB guns, firearms, fireworks or explosives on any community property is prohibited.


In a concentrated residential area, such as a mobile home community, pets can be a nuisance. Pets are also a big responsibility. You may love pets, but your neighbor may not. Written permission is required and only one (1) pet is allowed. The pet fee must be paid and owner must show proof of licensing and vaccination as required. There is no charge for dogs in a chain link fenced area of 400 square feet or more and not over four (4) ft. high. Doghouses and fences require a building permit from the Office. Dogs will not be tied to trees. Noisy or unruly pets or those that cause complaints will not be allowed to remain. Anyone keeping a pet without written permission of Lamplighter Acres will be back-charged to the date they entered the community. After three (3) warnings your lease will be subject to termination or the pet is removed from the community. Cats and Dogs must be on a leash at all times.


A. Homes will be set up to perform to applicable NYS Mobile Home Installation Code, Health Department Codes, Local Codes, manufacturer’s standard or other standards applicable to the home being installed.

B. Home owners will bear full responsibility for installation and maintenance of plumbing, tie-downs and utility systems (water, gas, oil, sewer & electric) from his home to the community receptacles or connections. A tenant should periodically make visual checks of these connections and report anything that looks out of order to the community Office. Tenants are responsible for electric and gas that goes through their meters. Since lines beyond the community-provided electric connection and gas meter, the 4” sewer outlet and our water pipe are owned by the tenant, it is the tenant’s responsibility to periodically check and maintain them and to be responsible for any fuel or electric lost through their lines if there is a leak. The community management’s responsibility is only up to and including our water and sewer risers only and to our home electric service panel or junction box by your home.

C. DO NOT tamper with COMMUNITY OWNED utility installations, such as electrical boxes, community wiring, water curb stops, etc. (EXCEPT to reset circuit breakers, replace fuses or turn off gas valves in an emergency). Should you have any trouble with any of these, please notify the Office. Circuit breaker resetting and fuse replacement are your responsibility. You will be charged, at our regular service rate, if we are asked to reset breakers or replace fuses on your side of the electric meter.

D. Sewers are to be used for sewage and wastewater ONLY. NO tissues, cigarette butts, paper towels, sanitary napkins, contraceptives or any other non-disposable substances including grease, garbage, coffee grounds, food particles or disposable diapers are to be disposed of through the sewer or drain lines. Garbage disposals WILL NOT be allowed. The lines cannot handle such items and will only cause sewers to back up. Costs of removing such items will be billed to the homeowner.

E. The Community management reserves the right to periodically check your plumbing fixtures and outlets for wastefulness. A tenant’s water may be shut off if the tenant allows water to run or keep pipes from freezing, has leaky faucets, a toilet tank valve that does not shut off, has any other loose connections or valves from which water is leaking or allows other unnecessary wasteful water practices. Service will be restored only after the community management is satisfied that the leak(s) has (have) been repaired satisfactorily. These leaks will also cause your above ground sewer lines to freeze. Tenants will be charged regular service rates for us to thaw out above ground sewer lines.

F. A properly installed heat tape is neither a fire hazard nor a large expense to operate. The community management asks that all heat tapes be installed to proper standards by the mobile homeowner. If, at any time, we determine that a heat tape is not in proper working order, the management will discontinue the water service until the tenant either has us replace the heat tape properly or he does it himself. There is no excuse for allowing water to run to keep pipes from freezing. Heat tapes that are properly installed will protect your pipes from the weather conditions we have in this area.

G. All homes shall he installed with a water shut-off valve in the line going to the home, that is accessible to the tenant so that he may turn off the water at any time he wishes to do so. It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to own and maintain this valve. It is not the policy of the community management to have water keys available for shutting off underground valves or to have someone in attendance on a regular basis to shut off water. It is your responsibility to have a valve installed so you can shut off your own water in case of an emergency or when you need to make minor repairs to your water system.

H. Lawn and/or garden watering will be allowed only with hand held hoses.

I. Those of you who leave the area for a warmer climate in the winter, or extended vacations, should let the Office know.

J. Proper winterization of your home is essential to keep pipes from freezing when there is no heat on in your home.

K. Mobile home owner/tenants should familiarize themselves with the locations and operation of gas, oil, electrical and water shutoffs, so in case of an emergency they can turn off the supply until the problem is resolved. We will be glad to show you where they are on your lot.


A. The speed limit is 10m.p.h. Excessive speed will not be tolerated. Speed bumps do not damage slow moving vehicles. Everyone MUST comply with posted traffic control signs. In an effort to enforce the speed limit we will be using a radar gun and the acknowledgment system outlined as follows:

  • 1st & 2nd offense will receive written notices.
  • 3rd— a $25 rent increase for one month
  • 4th— a $25 rent increase for two months
  • 5th— a $25 rent increase for three months

If within (6) six month period, a speeding offender receives more than 5 offenses, the Management may evict       the offender from the Community.

B. Cars, boats, campers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility trailers, etc., which are either unlicensed or not being used must be stored in an area approved, in writing, by the management, if such is available, or removed from the premises.

C. NO major overhauling or other major repairs will be permitted on or around any home lot, in parking areas or roadways. NOISY vehicles such as auto, motorcycle, etc. will not be permitted in Lamplighter Acres.

D. All parking will be in provided parking areas or in individual driveways. Guests may use common parking areas, in other sections, if there is no room in their host’s parking area. Vehicles parked along the roads, on lawns or not in designated parking areas may be towed away without notice and at the discretion of the management, at the vehicle owner’s expense.

E. NO mini-bikes, go-carts, snowmobiles, three or four wheeled, motor scooters or all-terrain vehicles, unregistered car, travel trailer, boats, large trucks and equipment are not allowed.

F. If you are leaving a licensed vehicle in the community during vacation time, please leave keys with a neighbor, or at the Office so the car can be moved if necessary.

G. All vehicles that are allowed to be left in the community must be road worthy, have current plates and a current valid registration and a current Inspection sticker on them. Vehicles that do not meet the above criteria or are in the process of having major repairs performed on them or that violate other community rules will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense 10 days after we give a violation notice of the vehicle.

H. No unlicensed and/or uninsured motorcycles or motor vehicles are allowed to be operated on community properly.

I. No vehicles may be left unattended on community roads at any time: This could cause a disastrous situation of ingress and egress, especially for emergency vehicles. Vehicles parked in roadways may be towed immediately and the 10 day notice provision for vehicles improperly parked will not apply to vehicles parked on roadways. Park to the side of road if necessary.

J. All vehicles of all occupants of all homes must be registered with the community Office. It will be assumed by the community management that any vehicle not registered with us, does not belong in the community and when problems arise, said vehicle will be handled as if they were owned by strangers and abandoned on our private property.


A. A mobile home community is a group of homes located in close proximity to each other. At times minor problems will arise between neighbors. These problems should first be talked over and an agreement arrived at by these same neighbors. If you are not able to jointly solve the problem, after a reasonable attempt has been made by you, a written complaint to the community management would be in order. We handle written complaints with written responses relating to the rule violation.

B. If you have any complaints worthy of a written rule violation notice from us, present a complaint in writing to the community Office.

C. Complaints will not be listened to, accepted by, or acted upon by any service employee while they are working in the community. Complaints must be directed to the Office.


A. Office hours will vary. Those in effect, at any time, are posted on the outside of the Office. Our phone number is 518-745-8800. If you have an emergency the Answering Service will contact us.

B. If you have any problems interpreting these rules, or if you want to do something that is not covered, it is necessary to consult the Office before going ahead and doing it. This may save us both problems.

C. A resident will be given ten (10) days to correct a rules violation, after we have delivered a written notice. If he/she fails to correct said violation, he/she will be notified to vacate within thirty (30) days.

D. Any, expenses incurred by the community management because of negligence or noncompliance with the community rules by the tenant, or mobile home owner will be the responsibility of the home owner except in the case of our rental units, the tenant will be responsible.

E. The community management reserves the right to add, change or modify these rules and regulations from time to time. These rules and regulations may be changed after 30 days written notice by community management to tenants. A tenant who does not agree with a new rule or regulation may choose to give the community management notice that he intends to leave the community prior to implementation of said rule or regulation or fee schedule. By virtue of a tenant remaining in the community after effective date of any rule, regulation or fee schedule, the tenant agrees to abide by such rule.

F. For items that are not covered specifically in the rules, the management reserves the right to make reasonable, common sense policies that affect the situation and to implement them immediately

G. These rules and regulations are necessary in order to have a neat, clean, orderly and enjoyable facility. An infraction of these rules is adequate grounds for eviction, as defined in the New York Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law. The -management does not want to evict anyone, but violations of these rules may make such action necessary.

H. A violation of some of these rules is not just a violation of community rules, but could be a violation of the Saratoga County Health Code or other local or State codes or law. Judicial action and prosecution is possible for noncompliance in these areas.

I. These rules and regulations are provided for the convenience and welfare of the residents. We realize that some of these may cause inconvenience at times, but, if you desire to live in a clean, well-kept community, rules are necessary.

J. Tenants and homeowners agree that they will come to the community Office, when requested, to answer concerns or problems that the management may have with them or their home or lot.

K. No commercial enterprises are allowed on your mobile home lot or in your mobile home without the written permission of the community management

L. Although our staff is in the community on a regular basis, it is not possible for us to see or hear about every violation of community rules. It is our intention, through these rules, to make our community the best in the country. In order to reach this goal, your assistance is necessary in letting us know what rules are not being followed, and by whom. Everyone must accept some responsibility in order that our community is one of the best in the country.

May your stay here be an enjoyable one.  Please feel free to offer suggestions for the improvement of this residential community.

New Additions to Current RULES & REGULATIONS

  • 4/29/05     LATE CHARGES:  As of June 17, 2005 there will be a late charge of 5% added to the rent that is unpaid.
  • 4/29/05     As of August 1, 2006 oil tanks must be put into a containment system or switched to
  • natural gas.
  • 9/20/07     Town water has been hooked up and each home has a meter and will receive a water bill every 4 months.
  • 6/27/2017   Change made from only CLEAR PLASTIC bags for trash to PLASTIC bags.
  • 7/13/2017  Lawn and/or garden watering will be allowed only with hand held hoses. Changed to allowing sprinklers to be used.
  • 7/14/2019  LATE CHARGES:  As of July 14, 2019 the late charge of 5% added to the Rent that is unpaid will be reduced to 3%.